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A Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) that meets your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer the most frequently asked HealthPlus questions below. But if you have another question, send an email to and we'll get right back to you!


How much does HealthPlus cost?
There are no monthly premiums to pay and no payment is made in advance. HealthPlus has no setup fee. A 10% admin fee and taxes are paid with each claim.


How much can HealthPlus save me?
HealthPlus is much more tax effective that the typical approach of using the medical expense tax credits on your personal income tax return.

The savings typically range from 15% to 35%. Our Savings Calculator will help you estimate your savings based on how much you earn and the annual amount of your claims.


I have (or my spouse has) group I need HealthPlus?
HealthPlus is individual health insurance, not group insurance. Group plans often prohibit certain services (e.g. orthodontics) or pay only a portion of the expense (e.g. prescription drugs). The ability to address uncovered services is the primary reason many individuals participate in HealthPlus. With HealthPlus you can also tax-effectively pay those remainder amounts by submitting the portion not covered by your group plan.


Can I wait until I have expenses before signing up for HealthPlus?
No. To protect the validity of your claims, you must be individually contracted with HealthPlus before any medical expenses are incurred. And given that there are no setup fees or premiums to pay, there's no reason to wait!


What kinds of expenses can I submit?
CRA allows you to include all expenses that would qualify for the medical expense tax credit. See here for more details.

Can expenses incurred by my spouse and dependents be included?
Yes, provided they meet the CRA definition of dependent.


What's the turnaround time for claims?
Our service standard is to process all claims within 10 business days of receiving the claim, provided all materials are in order.


Why do I need CAPCORP to administer it? Can I do it myself?
In order for health and dental expenses to be tax deductible to the corporation and not taxable to the employee, it must be a qualifying Private Health Services Plan (PHSP). HealthPlus was audited by CRA and meets all the requirements of a PHSP.


I don't live in Ontario; can I use HealthPlus?
You can participate in HealthPlus if you live in any Province of Canada other than Quebec. However, there is only a single claim form. If you live in a Province other than Ontario you may be responsible for remitting additional taxes to your provincial government.

What if I have other questions?
Don't hesitate to contact us! By email at or by phone at 613-226-1964.

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