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A Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) that meets your needs


Preparing your claim

  • Using the HealthPlus Invoice, you enter one expense (one receipt) on each line of the invoice.
  • The online version of the invoice will automatically calculate the total claim amount, admin fee, taxes and total to be remitted.
  • We recommend the practice of making a photocopy of the claim form and all receipts before mailing.

Funding the claim (done by your employer)

  • You will give your employer a completed claim for medical expenses.
  • Your employer will prepare a company cheque in the correct amount.

Sending the claim

  • Mail the invoice, original receipt(s) and cheque to:
    CAPCORP Financial
    ATTN: HealthPlus Claims Processing
    1050 Morrison Dr, 3rd floor, Ottawa, ON K2H 8K7

Receiving the reimbursement cheque

  • In approximately 10-15 business days we will return a copy of the invoice with the reimbursement cheque.

Exceptional situations

  • We cannot process a claim for an individual without an NOP on file.
  • If a claim is received where the amount remitted is less than the correct amount we will return the payment to the employer with an explanatory note and request reissuance of payment.
  • If a claim is received where the amount remitted is more than the claim amount we will process the claim and refund the excess amount to the employer with an explanatory note.
  • If a claim is received with ineligible expenses we will contact you to discuss whether to suspend processing or process with exclusions.
  • If a claim is received incomplete (unsigned cheque, missing receipts, unsigned invoice) we will return the claim.
  • If we are required to reverse a claim for any reason (e.g. medical practitioner refunds fees) the 10% administrative fee will not be refunded.

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1050 Morrison Dr., 3rd Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K2H 8K7

Toll-free: 1-800-267-1964
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